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Fern Stewart Welch's previous book, "The Heart Knows the Way," chronicled her quest to develop a personal relationship with God in order to help her husband experience a more loving, conscious and aware death. "Becoming a Spiritual Warrior of the Heart" begins where The Heart book left off and, though deeply personal, it offers a practical guideline for others setting out on a spiritual quest.

Fern thought her personal relationship with God was based on helping her husband and that after his demise, the new connection would end. It didn't. Instead, she received the call to become a Spiritual Warrior of the Heart for God. Though reluctant to say yes at first -- she even suggested others she thought were more deserving -- eventually her concerns and fears were answered, and she accepted the "call."

It seems the promise of discovering her life purpose, fulfilling her potential as well as her heart and soul desires - especially for a senior citizen whose lifelong dream was to make a difference in the world – was too incredible to pass up.

The author"s experience certainly isn’t unique, but the rarity comes in the courage and honesty with which she details every stage of her spiritual awakening to create a how-to manual to help others become spiritual warriors for God.

The author is clear about her motives in releasing such an intimate and detailed description of her spiritual awakening. She says it is because of the turbulent times in which we live, and her belief - along with that of many others – is that the world needs many Spiritual Warriors of the Heart to help us and the Earth through these turbulent times.

"Becoming a Spiritual Warrior of the Heart” is available on, at other online booksellers, as well as at bookstores such as Barnes & Noble. It will soon be available on Kindle.
"This is a must read for those who seek to find inner peace and be free of emotional pain.” ~ Irene Hunter, “The Miracle of Being the Real You.”
Becoming a Spiritual Warrior of the Heart
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