Clear Now and Create the Life You Desire

  1. Be willing to go within and plumb the depths of your own invalid thoughts, life patterns, beliefs, attitudes, emotions and feelings.
  2. Be open to clearing the unnecessary baggage, long forgotten messages stored in your cellular bodies that robotically determine the actions, reactions, decisions and non-decisions throughout your life.
  3. Begin by selecting a time and space where you will not be disturbed. Sit quietly and remain until you have released your focus from the external world to the quiet within. When you begin to experience some peace, you will know you are within. Take some deep, relaxing breaths.
  4. Ask to be guided by God, Allah, Mohammed, Buddha, Jesus, Universal Light, Love, the White Light or your angels … whatever is comfortable for you.
  5. Set your intention to become a conscious aware human being.
  6. Relax and trust your heart. Your heart knows the way. Be content with whatever happens or doesn't happen.
  7. Repeat this exercise daily. As your intention remains constant and you daily tune into this peaceful place, you will naturally begin to experience emotions that come up, just flow with them. This is the response you desire, as this signals the successful releasing of unnecessary baggage/energy that you have been holding in the cells of your body. There may be tears, this is normal, but there will be no awareness of what the energies are connected to - there will simply be a blessed release.
  8. By continuing this exercise you may begin feeling better physically, and may experience a healing in a specific area of your life that has been particularly troublesome to you. These energies have prevented you from living to the full potential as a conscious, aware human being. You may also feel led to do forgiveness work for self and others. This is a powerful way to help release trapped energies.
  9. Success comes when no matter the emotions of any present situation or past memory you have no energy attracted to it, therefore no emotion involved. You are then free of the long-forgotten "directives" and are then free to act or react from a place of inner peace, clarity, wisdom, love and goodwill.
  10. As the energies are freed, released from your body, you will automatically be manifesting a higher energy vibration, and with that a true inner peace, perhaps for the first time in your life. This will positively affect your life on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It will also elevate the energy of those with whom you come in contact and the energy of the earth itself. You will be consciously aiding the evolution of other souls and the planet by simply b.e.i.n.g.

How to Fulfill your Potential
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