This is an extraordinarily momentous time to be alive. With the advances of science and technology we are now aware that it is possible with nuclear power to destroy our life support systems or to choose a different future. We are at a crisis point in the multi- billion-year transformation from cosmic dust to us, and humanity has a conscious opportunity and responsibility to help determine what the future will hold for all of us.

It is now fairly common knowledge that what we think and what we do as individuals determines not only the course of our own lives, it also affects everyone and everything around us, including the Earth and undoubtedly the cosmos.

Fortunately, there is a growing conscious awareness on this planet that lets us know that things are speeding up, and that it is time to wake up and take serious action in our own lives and to be proactive in ways that will positively affect the future of our planet. This is not a call for social/community or political action. This is a totally personal call for the conscious evolution of individuals.

The good news in this decidedly hazardous time is that we are also finally becoming aware that we are self-contained power units with all the energy that is, was, or ever will be centered within us, and we have the innate ability to consciously direct this positive force to aid the evolution of ourselves and the planet.

Barbara Marx Hubbard, one of the great visionaries of our time, has been leading the call for conscious evolution on personal, social and political levels for decades. She believes that our generation is faced with the ultimate decision: do we choose to evolve and move toward a "future of immeasurable possibilities,” or to continue following the well-worn path that will undoubtedly lead us to destruction.

I agree with and have great respect and admiration for Ms. Hubbard and her incredible pioneering work in this area. I would like to boldly add to her work with what I believe is the next necessary step. In order for individuals to evolve consciously, which would be a prerequisite for any possibility of conscious social or political evolution, there must be a way in which ordinary individuals can achieve this, and soon. Some people, like Ms. Hubbard, come into the earth with a higher conscious awareness. Yet, for many it is something greatly desired, but with absolutely no idea of how to approach it or to achieve it.

This is the process I learned and lived in writing my recently released book: The Heart Knows the Way - How to Follow Your Heart to a Conscious Connection with the Divine Spirit Within. It is a technique that I was led to during the desperate time of my husband's lengthy decline and subsequent death. I believe in it and have continued to practice it for the past seven years.

It begins by being willing to go within and plumb the depths of our own invalid thoughts, life patterns, beliefs, attitudes, emotions and feelings. These long forgotten messages and emotions have been stored in the cells of our bodies and have robotically fueled the actions, reactions, decisions and non-decisions throughout the lives of all human beings. Most often these are the unknown/silent factors that sabotage our lives. This is also the repository of prejudicial beliefs that cause us to look at our fellow human being as "others,” and in my opinion this is another major deterrent to peace on earth.

It is absolutely vital to do the necessary inner work to clear out this undesirable baggage. First, you choose a time when you won"t be interrupted or disturbed. Begin by sitting quietly and/or by meditating until you have released your focus from the external world to the quiet within. When you begin to experience some peace, you will know you are within. Take some deep, relaxing breaths. Then ask to be guided by God, Allah, Mohammed, Buddha, Universal Love, the White Light or your angels - whatever is comfortable for you. Relax and allow your heart to lead you. Your heart knows the way. It has all the discernment necessary to guide you, and you can trust it implicitly. Set your intention, which is to become a conscious, aware human being. This means releasing the energy held around unnecessary information that is no longer valid for you, but that subconsciously determines your actions and reactions. Then, relax and remain in this space as long as is comfortable. Be content with whatever does or doesn't happen. Trust the process.

Repeat this exercise daily. As your intention remains constant and you daily tune into this peaceful place within, you will naturally begin to experience emotions that come up, just flow with them. This is the response you desire, as this signals the successful releasing of unnecessary baggage/energy that you have been holding in the cells of your body. There will be no awareness of what the energies are connected to – there will simply be a blessed release. There will be tears, and this is normal.

It is possible that by releasing this undesirable baggage you will begin feeling better physically, and may experience a healing in a specific area of your life that has been particularly troublesome to you. These energies have prevented you from living to your full potential as a conscious spiritual being.

You may also feel led to do forgiveness work for self and for others, and this is a powerful way to help release trapped energies. As an example, I have used these affirmations: I freely and wholly forgive myself for any real or imagined wrong I have done to self or anyone else, past or present. I freely and wholly forgive anyone else for any real or imagine wrong done to me, past or present. I am free, they are free.

Success comes when no matter the emotions of any present situation, or past memory, you have no energy attached to it [therefore no emotion involved] … you are then free of these long forgotten “directives” and are therefore able to act or react from a place of inner peace, clarity, wisdom, love and goodwill.

Since life is filled with opportunities for us to lose our centeredness, and to suppress emotions and thus add to the undesirable energies within our bodies, it is a wise idea to utilize this technique as a maintenance program as needed. It becomes a very pleasant duty and the reward is living consciously.

As the energies are freed, released from your body, you will automatically be manifesting a higher energy vibration and will feel a true inner peace, perhaps for the first time in your life. This will positively affect your life on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It will also elevate the energy of those with whom you come in contact and the energy of the Earth itself. You will be consciously aiding the evolution of other souls and the planet by simply b.e.i.n.g.

As you continue opening to this clarity, wisdom, love and peace, you will be open to realizing a more beneficial, meaningful and productive life. It could not be otherwise, as like attracts like. You will become free of any feeling of separation or aloneness you have ever had, as you will have touched the eternal and sublime something that is within each of us and everything. You have touched the sanctuary of love, support and guidance that is within, and is the heart"s desire of every human being.

You will become the truly conscious spiritual human being you were born to be. Your name will be emblazoned in the heavens as a true healer. You will help birth peace, love, cooperation and goodwill on Earth, which I believe is the true vision, dream and destiny of this beautiful blue-green planet.

Appeared in One Planet Magazine 2007

Hidden within every human being
is a spark of the divine and when something touches this spark, the pursuit to reach it, to possess this connection becomes the journey of a lifetime. This is a journey every soul is meant to take.
A Key to the Conscious Evolution of the Planet
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