Fern Stewart Welch’s latest book, “Becoming a Spiritual Warrior of the Heart,” is a healing balm for what ails our country and the world, which seem stuck in greed, selfishness and violence. The gift to us lies in the author’s willingness to courageously and honestly bare her challenges, failings, weaknesses and successes in answering God’s “call” to help us learn how to heal ourselves, our nation and ultimately the world.

The author’s experience encourages us to turn within and become more conscious and aware of how we can help influence the powerful planetary changes that are already in progress. In doing so, we can help them happen in decency and order, instead of through disruption and despair.

“Becoming a Spiritual Warrior of the Heart” brings hope to the world that having a personal relationship with God is not only still possible, it actually is every human being’s birthright to evolve into this sanctuary of unconditional love, wisdom and guidance. She encourages us to connect with the higher intelligence, love-power-God that resides within us and is our true essence. By doing so, we can take control and create better lives for ourselves, our loved ones and a better world that works for everyone.

Published in April, 2013 by InsightsOut Books, “Becoming a Spiritual Warrior of the Heart” is available on Amazon.com, other online booksellers, as well as bookstores such as Barnes & Noble.

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